DL Construction and Remodeling Inc.

Why Us?

Choosing the right people for your project can be difficult.  Many people will claim to be able to handle your project easily...  but then you hear many horror stories about unreliable or dishonest contractors.

There are many aspects to consider when hiring a contractor.  Quality of work, price, reliability, honesty etc. When choosing a contractor, always ask to see samples of their previous work and always ask for references from past customers.  Be careful of someone who quotes a major job without looking at the job site itself.  If a price is quoted and accepted, and then an issue comes up that will increase price because they didn't look at the job beforehand, sometimes contractors will start to cut corners on materials or work quality to keep the job profitable for themselves.  As far as price goes, it is always a good idea to get a few estimates from different contractors.  Meet with them and hear their ideas about your project.  Have them explain to you the steps they will take to complete your project, and what materials they will use.  

A general rule of accepting bids for a project is that if it sounds to good to be true...... it probably is!

This isn't to say that DL Construction and Remodeling is the only honest, reliable and quality contractor to choose from.  There are many who do very good quality work, and are honest and professional.  These are just general guidelines to consider when hiring a contractor.  We at DL Construction strive for the following above all else:

Honesty in our work practices

Fair, upfront estimation/ pricing....  If an unexpected issue arises with your project, we will talk about the the issue when it comes up and make any mutually agreed upon changes that need to be made. 

Reliability....   we will be there when we say we will.   On the odd occasion we can't be...   you will hear from us and know why not. 

Dependability....   We will perform the work exactly as we state we will in our estimate.   No one is perfect, but if an issue arises with our workmanship or quality, we will make it right at our expense.

 We believe that reputation is everything.   You can get an idea of us as a company by talking to the people we have worked for in the past.  We hope that you decide to give us an opportunity to talk to you about whatever project you are thinking about!